Questions for my distant friend


You have no idea as you walk past with your patronizing ways,
Do you really believe this is life? I must laugh,
You have no idea who you are when you become condescending,
We as we are humane we remain silent knowing what you do not,
Do you believe that you need a master's degree to understand life?
My distant friend you are lacking so much knowledge,
Do you not know that you have already failed so much in life?

My distant friend do you not know the obvious?
Do you not know that life is not in your degrees?
I must laugh if you think they are my distant friend,
If only you knew how to be humble,
If only you knew how to love in truth my distant friend,
In uncertainty you live a life of miss prediction believing in your ways,
Do you not know yet in which direction you must be going.

My distant friend, those that have a heart and use it have everything,
Those that are acceptant to their complicated life have knowledge,
Many who have family and not wealth are fulfilled in every way,
Belief in fears will take you places, wealth will only buy you a plane ticket,
Rain in the desert will help you quench thirst yet only another day,
Rain upon the ocean will help you to rise above the flood,
My distant friend try only to my words comprehend.

Without compromise and consideration you are able to be what you are allowed,
What you are allowed is all that you think you can be,
My distant friend I ask of you not to think this naive,
I advise you to open your eyes to the existence that has always been in front of you,
Open your mind to invoke the spirit that is as to what you truly could be,
Find the glory of the humanity and understand the meaning of humility,
As the way you came here is the way you will leave my distant friend.

Riches and possessions are of no consequence as you may falsely believe,
Neither did they do anything before, nor will they as your chapter comes to an end,
Your life is an obvious story, many can as you are unaware predict,
My distant friend, a reader likes a story that becomes unpredictable but intrigues,
An author can sit for no end of time, studying and writing until the work is complete,
Characters of imagination display the magnitude of the whole manuscript,
My distant friend, are you the character? or is your life the book?

Once upon a time, starts the fairy tail for those who think they have everything,
One day, starts the slightly more interesting story which highlights certain events,
As time began or in the beginning, starts the story of life,
My distant friend, how does the manuscript of your existence start?


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