Sitting here at peace staring out of the hospital window,

Staring aimlessly as far as my vision would hold sight,

Relaxation ran through and I felt relief as my mind was clear,

No worries surrounded me and no pressures of decisions to be made,

Humbled by the thought in my life I am blessed with euphoric moments,

A slightly open window allowing me to appreciate the precious breeze,

Able I was to hear the sound of the inland gulls,

Observing the road down below as people travel on there journeys,

Gray/white clouds above made shapes of creatures as if to entertain me,

I watched the clouds for a while longer until they disfigured themselves,

Sitting there alone watching the busy world go by,

Feeling distant though from the outside word I was unsure of how to feel,

Somehow I felt as though I should have been participating in the world instead of being where I was,

People had told me that to recover I had to take things as easy as I could,

I felt guilty about just being a spectator to the world and somehow less of a man,

I will recover completely hopefully sometime soon and all will be well,

Because of my operation and ordeal I have realized there is so much to do and to tell.


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