Sophia-Rose Duffield


08 October 2009
Staring in amazement and in admiration we gazed upon you with melted hearts for the first time,
Overfilled with emotions of eternal joy we stared upon another beautiful child of ours,
Passed memories had occurred yet you made them fade away when you shared with us your first cry,
Holding you for the first time, for us completed us with an inner comfort that we can't express in words,
Innocent and pure in every possible way made us understand that life is more precious than we realize,
Anxiety was within us as your heartbeat could not be found, within that moment time had become endless,
Rushing back to us was flashbacks of your brother Cameron who was born asleep, who now dances amongst the stars,
Of all that we have been through and lost in the past made us understand how blessed we have been,
Such a flood of emotions and tears of joy overwhelmed us both on this day as it was the day before Cameron was due,
Everything about you has made us feel that your brother is somehow more of a part of you than we can fathom,

Delicate as the flower you were named Sophia-Rose after one of the natural beauty's of the earth,
Undeniably the most beautiful of bonds in but a moment, with you there was,
Filled with purity was you, the child that was bestowed upon us with such strong significance,
For each day from now that is to pass in completeness we shall see you grow,
In each event we share with you from this day forth will be our everything,
Every moment that we spend with you we will try to be your guidence the best we can,
Light or dark and in joy or sorrow even in times of love or hurt for you we shall always be there,
Daughter of ours you will always be our sweet baby and for you we shall always care.

With love

Shadow, Pauline, Daniel, Cameron, Melissa, Rebecca
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