Sacrifice For My Unborn


Like a slave I worked all through the day and,
The same tasks required repeatedly,
Everything monotonous in every degree,
Each day seemed to come and go without me seeing it,
One moment I was awaking in my bed, the next I am asleep in it,
It was if I was loosing my life,
Never experiencing pleasure or rest,
Mentally and physically drained I was becoming,
Going till my body gives in through exhaustion,
Picking up viruses, cold's and flu one after the other,
Caffeine and sugar intake is increased as I am not able,
Not able to eat during the day,
My health is suffering deterioration as I become dehydrated,
All I can think about is the money that I need to provide,
Being able to provide for my family and my unborn,
My family and my child on its way is all that keeps me going,
I know for them this is what I must do,
One day there appreciation to me will be shown,
On that day I will know it has not been for nothing.


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