Sadistic omen


Impossible shining lay upon the lakes of dreams in my hallucinations,

The paradise of the still I see within the distance of the eternal night,

The moon is still, the wind has become frozen in the hallowed mist,

A deep black magic now circles the atmosphere in my fearful presence,

My eyes have lost vision, weary and tormented amongst the ready,

A savage of philosophy and murderer of light I have become,

I have no calling; I am a creature of the night,

Hypnotized into a metaphorical state of wisdom as I float across the water,

My eyes of Grey transcend as my body transforms into the being of death,

The sands of the north shore will release me of my curses of man,

Sands of the south shore will transfigure me into a spinning horror of the damned,

The sands of the east shore will open my once silent mouldy heart,

The sands of the west shore shall complete my blood thirsty configuration,

I shall once again be the mystical omen that is feared by all,

I will seek my tortures and emotional sufferings, letting them run through my veins,

I am more than an evil serpent, fiery dragon or demon from beyond the depth of all earths,

I warn you now I shall soak you with fear as I enter your minds as you lay in slumber,

Revenge I have been patient for, in my new form I shall take,

When the moons of the dark lands begin to turn I shall be re transformed,

From a murdering dagger to the purity of a satin sheet I shall become,

From omen of the dark worlds unto man once again I shall be returned,

But I warn you to beware; man I remain only until my next thirst for blood,

My next thirst for blood will be my next quest for revenge.


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