Seeking of you I was


I was seeking for so long and to my mistake so far away,

There you where standing right before me all the time,

Patiently in complete silence you waited for me,

Just hindering until the perfect moment to appear within my life,

Treading softly towards my heart you came,

Gently you placed your hand within mine,

Your eyes hypnotized me into your eyes,

Vulnerable unto your purity I now was,

In heaven I felt as I saw deep in your eyes,

At ease I felt when you gave me that smile,

An unearthly force I felt as I kissed upon the tenderness of your lips,

Peace surrounded me when your hand was a hold of mine,

Alive I felt as I had been drawn by your seductive beauty,

Yours I became from them first words you so gently spoke,

Tender and dear to me where the words you whispered into my ear,

Words that I alone shall know,

Words that will never to me be forgotten.


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