Shining through


You showed me love and you showed it so pure,

You have won my heart and of that I am sure,

My greatest of troubles in life for me you have thrown away,

Your love has become sacred and with me it shall stay,

Yes it hurt knowing that with you over nothing I would start a verbal fight,

If only I know then what I know now I would have known that you where right,

Unconditionally you have gave to me without towards me holding any hate,

To me you have been a pure love of truth making me believe in fate,

What you have given to me riches could not buy,

Fine silks or statues of gold could not compare and about that I do not lie,

Love so righteous and honest I feel with you together or far away,

Words of faith and actions of kindness you show me every day,

All these things you have given me make me feel once again secure,

Even in my darkest of times I know that when with you there is nothing to fear.


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