Shining within me


Stroll I do across the sacred land of love,

In all its beauty I feel its strength and power,

I feel the calmness of everything enchanting,

I believe I have found my soul mate within you,

A spirit of complete purity you are,

A complete mystery unto me you used to be,

Constantly trying to understand of you I am,

Searching for the answers about you I am,

You are a temptress of desire and with love you have came,

A light within the darkness does your aura glow,

Possessing such beauty you hold me in awe,

No longer are you a figure of my imagination,

With you my deepest of sacred emotions are real,

Auspicious unto me you are and never do I want to let you go,

Out of sight and out of reach I shall never let you fall,

I could not treasure the soft whispers of anyone else in my life,

Never upon never would I want from me you to leave,

Stopping you is not within my power and this I know,

I ask that you in my life would stay,

I ask that you would shine within me forever,

Forever I ask from this moment,

I ask from my heart on this day.


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