Stars of memories


I whisper into your ear as you sleep this secret of mine.


Gazing deep I was into the darkness of the sky,

Lost I was amongst the nights glistening stars,

Each thought I had of my existence Counted a new star,

The longer I stared the more coincidental the amount became,

Almost as if the sky was entwined with my heart,

A heart filled with memories and a sky filled with stars,

Across the darkness of the sky a star travled with a trail,

A trail of brightness catching up to the star,

This was like my memories catching up with me,

Memories I just wanted to burn out and dissapear,

I recalled some of my younger years which where cought up in the smaller stars,

I looked upon them shining down and smiled,

The size of the stars seemed to grow as I started moving forward,

Some where bright and some where dull,

My life was like the sky that evening memories filled with both,

I paused at one moment and a tear rolled down my face,

There in the sky was the brightest star born,

Larger and more magnificant than any other,

That star represented the memories of you my love.


I see you within the heavens above but i'll not disturb you now,

I shall see you when you arise in the morning


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