Sustaining sanity


The tensions within my heart are mounting upon me,

In confusion my mind thinks unclearly faster,

I ask myself time and again was it meant to be?

Have I fallen into yet another disaster?

All I ever wanted deep inside was to love you more,

To walk with you holding you hand in mine,

Wanting only in return for you to me to be true,

I gave you the only key that could open my heart,

Wondering I did would to me you really be true?

Wondering and uncertain to the fact that with my heart you just wanted to play,

You told me without thought that with me you would stay,

I trusted you and yet you tore my life apart.


In honesty I truly wanted you to be my new beginning,

My life before you entered was a mess and I could only feel pain,

You where a chance in life whereby I believed I could be somehow winning,

You brought to me my sanity I thought,

How much more of this life's torture can I sustain?


For some reason I long for you to come back and set my anguish free,

This time for the right reasons and this time for me,

I will keep a picture of you within my mind,

I will be naive and for you keep a place open in my heart,

I will hold the memories of us together,

All of these calls of truth I one day hope again me you shall find.


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