The candle of christ


Truth is all I have to give from within my once shallow heart,
Heaven by you to me has been shown without prejudice,
Every word, Every sight to me by you, upon to I have held,
Care is above all the most important feeling I have for you,
Admiration for you I have every moment that together we spend,
Nothing of your true beauty could ever be faulted,
Distance is that of being without you close by my side,
Love is feelings that with a wretch like me you have blessed,
Endless is our togetherness for all time and expansions,
Only in an instance you shall take it if you desire my mortal heart,
Forgiveness and mercy upon my Soul deeply scared did you to me show,
Child of yours without shackles about me always have I been,
Horrendous I have been without any thought within my actions,
Revival I have been given with your spiritual breath,
Innocence of none have I ever daily shown,
Spared yet you have, so that I may see your light,
Tolerance have you always had, for this I am in your debt.


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