The fire in my eyes will never burn low


Distant from all present time and worlds,

Colliding from one universe unto another,

Gliding from within one paradise into another,

Feeling the Earths strange mystical forces,

All the distant planets calling upon my name,

As the sacred breeze whispers softly into my ears,

Sounds and visions anxiously seek my sixth sense,

Only to describe this feeling as wonderfully immense,

To walk along, surrounded with a glorious radiant light,

The soul of brightness caressing my tender face,

Sending pure dedication and passion along your spine,

With the sacred spirits I shall flow continuously within your heart,

Leave you I never shall always to stay close to you,

I shall never let the fire,

The fire of love that you had for me in your eyes ever burn low,

As your angel I shall stay beside your side,

Just think of me and I shall be there.


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