The metal


A powerful transition as the ore from the earth went from mineral to metal,

Furnace in the intensity of the flames in perfection did the stainless life begin,

An element that was to become accustomed to absorbing warmth and withstand the cold,

An element that was to be trusted, sturdy and admired for its strength,

Metal was given the ability in making to not steal but with compassion reflect the light,

The molecular structure has given the metal the gift of being able to selflessly support,

Metal has the ability to hold strong throughout the most trying of weathers.


Some metal is hollow inside submitting to the pressures of time,

Some metal is buffed and made to last because it is strong and able,

Some metal has been disadvantaged with disfigurement but is still strong,

Metal is of different colour's but of no lesser value nor purpose.


Distinguished is the metal that works to give strength along side another.


A single piece of metal can be useful but with its limitations,

Structured metal can be the most glorious of things.


Rust occurs when over time when the metal becomes weak and gives up,

Rust can take over the outer existence of the metal but it cannot touch what is inside,

Rust can be removed before corrosions becomes apparent and ruins all that the metal is,

Rust can leave signs of when the metal was lost and weak,

Rust will be rust and always try to manipulate the fine existence of the purity of the metal,

If metal remains strong the rust will not be able to overcome it,

Metal is no the be all and end all but it is important and always will be,

Metal is precious.


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