The warmth of falling


I say it now or for years to come,

To thee I see at days dawn,

I say it softly with thy tender kiss,

My desire is for only you oh my sweet,

I am led by my heart to follow you,

In the rays of the golden sunshine my love for you plays,

I see deep into you becoming besotted by your soul,

As one lifts the nectar cup to their lips,

They understand that it is full of goodness and sweetness,

I look into your eyes and see the mystical purity,

Blindly and in honesty I have for you fallen,

You show me a love so bright and so warm,

Alas you have provided me with a love that is true,

No darkness could ever overcome or shade an eclipse of this love,

Oh my sweet this is no lie,

I swear my love for you upon my heart.


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