Time but a unfortunate element of life,

Moving to it's own speed making the good time's rush by and bad time's hold around,

An element that can be taken from us at any time but when we do not know,

Something so precious and such an influence on our live's,

Always' trying to do the most we can,

Never able to experience the enjoyment to it's full potential,

Everything has gone dramatically into such a rush,

Confusion start's to set in to the back of the mind slowly edging forward,

Trying to live at an increased pace as time our begins to run low,

Always thinking from a young age but we are disillusioned,

Believing that we have all our live's to carry out certain aspect's,

As we get older we try to sustain as many events as we can,

The consequence of this action is sometimes without success,

Time no longer enables us to enjoy what we do,

A question I often ask myself is why?

Why where we placed upon earth with such a time limit?

What must we achieve whilst we are here?

To let even a single day pass us by shorten's the time for enjoyment,

Life is no longer something that we can cherish but more of a race,

Depending on the individuals belief's there is only the one life,

Make the most of it I urge,

A life regretting not doing certain thing's prevent's you thinking of others things,

Thing's that you could be doing,

As fast or as slow as time goes we must make sure that we make the most of it,

Regrets are from the past,

If you are to look back at ones regrets you have already become ignorant to the future,

Time is given to us as a favor it is up to us how we manage that time.


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