Time is obscure


What does time do in its obscure yet efficient ways,

Ever changing within our personal circumstances,

When in joy, time does speed throughout in its minuets, hours and days,

Time speeds over our successes and good times that of delight,

Time goes as quickly as comes to us the light,

When in hurt or sorrow time does dredge across the heart and its pain,

Time has been known to make a person go insane,

There are times we are happy to see the time of fortune come,

More often though do we like to see it behind us passed and gone.


They say that time is a known healer,

They say only time knows everything,

Others make us believe that time works in mysterious ways,

They say a miracle is something only time can bring.


I ponder at the question did time start at the beginning or way before?

I believe that time holds so many memories, secrets to most and all,

The metamorphism of time is ever changing as the day,

I believe that time has no caution nor does it have a way.


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