To you at christmas

( Name )


Christmas time is finaly here and its time to pause and stop,

Time for special moments whereby hurtful memories are forgot,

A time to be joyous for in the things that we have,

A time to be joyous within the love we receive,

A time when we can be proud with one another,

Proud of all that we can achieve,

A time when your smile lights up the radiance of your face,

The smile that shows all your goodness, purity and grace,

This is a few words dedicated to only you named above,

The one that holds my heart,

The one who has showed me the greatest love,

I give to you this christmas all that I am,

I wish to you this christmas all the very best,

I wish to you with a fulfilled heart all the happiness I can,

The love I give you this christmas will carry throughout,

From this year until the next.


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