Torn memories


Dimonds of crystal I see as the fears fall from your eyes,

Some comfort you feel when you are within my presence,

uncertain and scared yet you still are,

In dispair and torn appart over time you have become inside,

Your emotions at war against your passions and desires,

A bleeding heart you hold for which there is no sudden cure,

Every chance that is placed in fron of you you now daubt,

Always you hold in the back of your mind the stenching memories,

The memories of people failing and emotionaly hurting you,

You hold back the true feelings of emotions you have to give,

Over time I will prove to you that Your heart can be healed,

I will clear out of your mind the memories you hold onto,

I shall be for you everything you did not believe was possible,

New memories of love I shall give unto you,

Memories you will forever have and want in your life to hold.


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