Uncertain unto the light


Lost once again in a complete darkness searching for the light,
Where do I now go from the place that I have cometh,
Uncertain I am with every step that I take and where it will lead,
I know that wherever I go fate will be there to obstruct myself worth,
As much as I run to fate I will always be captive,
When I try to speak my voice is drowned and not heard,
Holding reasons with regards to disagree I feel that I should not speak,
My disregards to life are personal to me so therefore to others they are worthless,
Alone I search out the light to spare me from this darkness,
People are too far gone into their own lives to understand anyone else’s concerns,
The light I help others along the way to understand and find,
Deserted I am to find my own light,
From this day forth alone I may be but with my heart and soul I shall find the truth,
Conquer all obstructions I must and conquer all obstructions I will,
Even if others don’t I must believe in myself?
Uncertain unto the light I may be but my light in my determination I shall find.


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