Vulnerose is the earth we are upon


Stolen from life was the music and sounds that guided our lives,
Taken away by the ignorance of man was everything that stood for purity,
No sound of laughter fulfilling any longer the staleness of the air,
No songs of the blessed birds within the withering of trees can be heard,
There is no freshness of life in the once giving streams, now polluted,
Secluded is everything, surrounded by manmade controversy and destruction,

Bewildered now are the fields that used to be plentiful with wheat,
Murky is the water that used to be plentiful with the most delicious of fish,
Diseased is but the flesh of the animal that was the provider of mans meat,
Scorch the land does now the sun that used to cast light upon the ground,
Storms of pollution occur from the sky that once gave life’s natural water,
Soils holding skeletons of time do our sources of food grow within,
Seasons of four have collided with each other confusing the earth,
Snow falls yet the sun shines; the leaves shrivel and die as the rain falls,

Tormented is now and forever more the ages of mankind and all living being,
Haunted is earth as our destructive predecessors float through the rest of time,
Slaves to one another with or without compromise and compassion have we become,
Embrace we must, like a child to its mother bosom, to what remains of our mother earth,
Entwine our lives within her arms as we, this generation now remain, we must,
This is our time, not the time of our forefathers; it is our turn now to make a difference.


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