Where i'st thy sweet love


Where ist thy sweet love I call and ask thee,
Someone so precious with a love that does spread,
Thad does spread like the oceans so pure and wide,
That of one with thy fair skin,
Skin so soft like the fine grains of the sands of time,
Tis soft succulant lips , that of a fine ripe pear,
Tasting like thy sacred fruits of passion,
A love with dark eyes that of a mystical evening,
A sparkle of starlight within them,
A smile so glourious and radient a ray of moonlight so pure,
With hands that of a tender sweet gentle nature,
Alas,a body without sin,that of one to be held close,
Held close to thine own and treasured for all eternity,
That of one with a figure created by the master and moulded,
Moulded into that of a true heavenly splendour,
Alas a heart filled with the golden dawn yet compromised,
Compromised with thy warm,saturated,deep sunset,
Where is thy sweet love I call and ask thee again.


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