Where is my life leading to


As I try to find a way into life, perfect being far from,

Trying to lull my soul with the finality of a peaceful song,

Knowing the way in which to go I still get lost,

For my wrongs there will be an emotional cost,

The way in life I have to go I am now unsure about,

Why did I not listen? it is all my own fault,

Running through life trying to escape my past,

An endless lonely road yet from the darkness I have been cast,

I try to come to terms and run forward towards my destiny,

Wanting nothing more than something to slow me down and that will love me,

Unsure yes that I am about the way I should go,

A one way journey only time will show,

Persicuted is the way in which I have felt,

Life must go on in the way it was dealt,

Anxity is all I now feel in my head,

I'll keep breathing as I am not yet dead.


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