How unfaltering, how affectionate and faithful is thy love to thee,
Love that knows of the summer trees and breathes the fresh morning dew,
Love that is my brightest star of night and my song bird of morn,
Love that is my Earth, my sun and my moon
You are one to love, to cherish, to kiss in tenderness and embrace by my heart,
When we are alone I will sit close by your side,
I will whisper sweet words that will resound in your ear time and again,
Do you not remember how we used to be my dear?
For hours we did sit beside the warmth of the winter’s fire,
I remember these moments,
At sunset you would open and raise your heart like a blossoming flower,
Almost in a trance for hours we would watch the flames dance around the fire place,
 Laying upon the softness and comfort of the white pure sheepskin rug,
Nestled in each other’s arms we had nothing but a tartan knitted blanket covering us,
As the night would fall I would take your heart to the verge of the unknown,
Never to lose you on the journey by keeping contact within your eyes,
Tightly grasping one another’s hands we would never let go,
The sounds of atonement as our hearts began to beat as one,
The sweet scent of pleasure as we nuzzled up against one another,
Tangle and entwined we became within them long winter nights,
Your hair became that of a golden tapestry as it waved uncontrollably across the floor,
You had become like the wind blowing through the rustling branches,
I was merely like the tree submissive to your every perfection and way,
When in the paling darkness of the new dawn we are still within each other’s arms,
As you sleep I watch a beauty that words could not comprehend,
I shall now become a delicate draught of air and caress you until the suns morning break,
Our nights together my dearest are as my love is for you now,
True and pure in every single way.


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