You are and of you I ask


You never stir and may heaven forbid,

Such a look as here was shown,

You are my beautiful queen,

Without remorse I must ask for your love,

You are unto me my personal shimmering star,

You are the radiant of all light in my up most of darkness.


Happy I have become in the peace of your gaiety,

Whenever you move I will follow you anywhere in delight,

I once felt inadequate before I met you,

With you I am now feeling the long awaited compactness of two hearts as one.


I will wait with devotion until the presence of gloaming is upon us,

I long to make sweet passionate love to you,

It will be a night to with two people never be consigned by each other.


As long as I live I promise you and promise to you I do again,

I realize that I am incapacitated without the love and company of someone so perfect,

I now ask you with an open heart one kindness of you,

That kindness is to speak the words that you will never leave my side.


I could no longer live if the flame between us was ever darkened and extinguished my love.


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