You are my existence


You are the golden sunshine in the sky,

You are my light,

You are like the deepest of sunset,

You are the warmth within me,

Like the rain softly touching ones bare skin,

Your love is exceptional unto this foolish heart,

You have showered me with your tendering compassion,

Like a gentle breeze you have breathed,

You have given life to my once be stilled heart,

As if mother nature herself you have became my world,

To me you have become the greatest value,

Greater than any treasure known to man,

You are my everything and all I can offer you is two things,

A love that from others I have kept sacred until this moment,

A love that is unconditional in every aspect,

The knowledge I now give to you was my secret,

I offer to you the knowledge that you hold the key to my heart,

You are my entire world and existence,

You where the missing part of my life,

With you by my side my heart is complete,

Without your love I know I am nothing.


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