You are my life


Tempted me you have in every desirable way

I have waited to long for someone like you,

Never do I want to have to let you go,

Your body so slender and sleek,

Your skin with the delicacy of the petal and so tender,

With disobedient hair seductively swaying across the beauty of your porcelain face,

Lips of perfection beautifully and with such passion slowly kissing mine,

Just being able to hold you close is all I have ever wanted.


Disillusioned I thought I was when I first laid my eyes upon you,

Never expecting such a light to shine in my life of many downfalls,

You gazed into my eyes that night causing me to become lost,

I was sent to a place that no-one could ever know unless they where me,

All you had to do was smile and I became yours and at your every command,

I couldn't believe this was happening to me,

Never have I found that I have needed something so bad.


Why did it take you so long to stray into this life of mine,

You in that moment held such high importance to me,

I have learned to be loyal to you like the slave to the mistress,

Anything you desire I try my everything to succeed in the honor I hold for you,

You where once the most important treasure that was sustained within my life,

That was once before,

Before you became my everything,

Before you became my life.


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