You are my true heaven


Soul escaping cascaded by eternity,
Captured by illuminating likeness of light,
Ventures through trauma and excitement does vision within my spirit,
Silent are my eyes, awakening no more,
A tranquility of darkness project and posses my every thought,
My every memory, my every hope and dream,
Divine is the simulation convincing me of my new world,
Without fear or anxiety I am called upon,
With no contempt of judgment I pace towards my forever existence,
Immortal within the pure gates, shall forever I be,
Behind me I shall leave my hurt and anguish,
My sorrows and my physical pain I have endured over my life,

With beads of sweat I awoke from my unsure dreams,
Reversing remissions were reaching deep within me,
I turn slowly not to awaken you my beloved,
The one thing I know everlasting is my love for you,
You are my life now and forever,
My heaven is within your heart and for that nothing will ever compare,
With you as my existence you are the keeper,
the keeper of my mind, body, spirit and soul.


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