Zeal of life


Deep emotions of forbidden darkness no longer shall spark,
 Burning with that of a great desire for life i invoke,
Feelings that cannot be stilled no longer awakened will they be,
 My heart in contempt can no longer hide,
My life has been spinning wilder than that of a whirlwind,
Strides of fortune and destiny, misfortune and chaos I have walked,
Ever changing has been my sinful motives,
No more will they be,
Cast away is that but of the iron Bourdon,
No longer is my eyes clouded by the forsaken breaths,
The blur of motion is nothing but a captive of canvas for my soul,
The colour's of the creation shall no longer be muted,
With every brush stroke I have found the profound perfection,
Silence I forbid to anymore to stretch the seconds of my time,
Anger shall no longer propel my body in mockery,
Upon my lips shall there be no more words of violent curse,
Silence shall no longer rule to awaken my dreams,
My nightmares will be crushed, dispersed into single pieces,
No longer shall I run, I do not care if I should not win,
When it is my time I shall be spirited away within the whisper of a breeze,
My voice shall be heard by that that is close,
Heard shall be my voice like bells tolling on the wind,
Clarity of crystal I shall appear in when it be your time of need,
  I will harness you but only when it is your time to join me,
Shrouds of nightmares will be dispersed as everything here is plentiful.


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